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Dramatic reduction in COST budget for STReESS!
Due to the shift of COST from ESF to H2020 lots of changes occurred. For the last news see (http://www.cost.eu/media/newsroom). For us the most striking negative change is an drastic reduction in our budget of 30 % in our last Grant period (GP4). This means that we will be unable to organise the training school and the integrating workshops which we planned for the upcoming meeting in the Czech Republic and Slovenia. The Steering Committee will try its best to keep everybody motivated – support us!!!

New Vademecuum
This new document was necessary following the release of the new set of COST Implementation Rules approved by the CSO in December 2014 and which entered into force on the 1st of January 2015. Additionally to the changes necessary to ensure the compliance of the Vademecum with COST Implementation rules, updates of the text have been done in order to clarify the document. It aims at being shorter, simpler and more user-friendly. Please note that no change of the reimbursement rules has been done. Download the new Vademecum.