micro core video

 "Micro-core Processing", the new instruction film launched by the DendroLab of Wageningen UR is now online.
 The film shows in detail how to process micro-core samples (max 2mm diameter) and make (non-permanent) thin sections for dendrochronological and wood anatomical research in a quick, easy and low cost way.

The script is based on the protocol written by Lena Wegner (MSc student of Wageningen University). Lena encountered problems when gluing the small micro cores on to wooden holders in the usual way: the cores shrunk during the necessary drying time of the glue, causing cracks and making the samples unusable. Imbedding in paraffin can be a solution to the problem but is a very time consuming method and requires expensive equipment. The method Lena developed is easy, quick and doesn't require special equipment.

The film is produced by Hans Reijnen of R Media in association with the COST Action STReESS

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