Working group I: DATA Inventory & organisation


1) Aim

Establish a platform to survey and integrate information about stress response to extreme events on tree growth, wood anatomy, and ecophysiology from field studies, provenance trials and laboratory experiments.


2) Deliverables

  • Establishment of an organised inventory of databases;
  • Collect and organize selected dataset for studying trends across Europe;
  • Review-papers on state-of-the-art on selected dataset;

3) Activities

Collection and organisation of available data on tree response to various climate-related stress factors. WG activities are structured in three subsequent tasks with the aim to provide an overview of available information, identify and create valuable data-set, in order to prepare review papers on specific global (meta) analyses.


Task 1: Identify which information (data) is available, in which form and where. Create an organised inventory of databases (Metadata-Inventory);

Task 2: Select which information (data) is most needed and promising (in close collaboration with WG2 and WG3), organise and collect. For example on sapflow or dendrometers data, on provenance trials, field experiments, bibliographic review,

Task 3: Analyse the new collected data-information and prepare review paper(s) on trends across Europe.


4) Expected research field of WG-members

Everybody i) active in any field related to tree response to various climate-related stress factors, ii) interested in performing global analyses of tree-response data, or iii) experienced in database creation and management, is very welcome to join the WG.


5) The contribution we expect from the WG-members

We primarily expect participation in the creation and organisation of the databases-inventory. An overview of available databases and a visionary employment of stress-response data for global analyses are welcome. Data contribution are subordinated to the identification of valuable global analyses. In that case the collection, analyses and preparation of the specific review-papers will be performed through the active involvement of a WG sub-group (WG1 Data group).


Everybody joining the Action is expected to submit information (metadata) about research related to the Action conducted in his/her institution/country.
Please participate to the catalogue by filling the form online.
The catalogue is only accessible for COST Action STReESS members and will be continuously up-dated.


Patrick Fonti
Working group leader