stress scheme final

Topic 1 - Sapwood at work

Leaders Frank Sterck, Kathy Steppe
Contents - Understand formation and functioning of sapwood (under stress); subdivided in 2 topics: (1) Acclimation and adaptation in sapwood area and sapwood turnover rates; (2) Functional balances in branches amongst species along climate gradients in Europe.



Topic 2 - Relation phenology and wood production

Leader Cyrille Rathgeber
Contents - Define stress (stressful climate) conditions and determine the impact on leaf and cambium phenology and ultimately forest productivity. Include remote-sensing methods for up-scaling.



Topic 3 - Lethal dose of drought

Leader Andreas Bolte
Contents - Elaboration and testing of the lethal-impact-dose of drought concept for European beech. Establishment of a European-wide network of experiments.



Topic 4 - Wood-anatomical functional traits

Leaders Hans Beeckman, Katarina Cufar
Contents - Categorisation of wood-anatomical variables that potentially contain information on stress.



Topic 5 - Intra-annual density fluctuations (stable isotopes)

Leaders Giovanna Battipaglia, Martin De Luis
Contents - Using intra-annual features in wood for precise quantification of climatic factors influencing cambial activity and wood formation processes in the different environments (from Mediterranean to Siberia region).



Topic 6 - Phloem and parenchym tissues

Leaders Elisabeth Robert, Jozica Gricar
Contents - Assessing functioning, plasticity and ecological patterns of living phloem tissue through meta-analysis.



Topic 7 - Forcasting tree mortality

Leaders Jordi Martinez-Vilalta, Steven Jansen
Contents - Assessment of vulnerability and resilience of European forests to drought-induced mortality.



Topic 8 - Evaluating drought-stress tolerance with dendrometers

Leaders Patrick Fonti, Kathy Steppe, (Tanja Sanders= sub-topic leader beech data)
Contents - Evaluating the potential of using dendrometers data to quantify species-specific drought tolerance in a given environment.



Topic 9 - Effect of Stress on Wood quality

Leader Manuela Romagnoli, Bilgin Icel
Contents - wood quality-relation to anatomy, chemistry, growth rate and wood density. Effect of stress on wood production and quality.



Topic 10 - Forest genetics speeding up adaptation: the case of resistance to drought

Leaders Philippe Rozenberg, Sven De Vries
Contents – Inventory of actual research activities on forest genetics with special focus on adaptation to drought; use of provenance trials to explore bioclimatic adaptive traits; connection with networks in forest genetics.