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STReESS WG meeting

Monday April 15 - COST Compassion day (all plenary)

Different integrating sessions will be organised, that are interesting for members of all working groups (WGs) and serve to stimulate interaction between WGs. The sessions indicate cardinal directions relevant for our COST Action.

Opening session
welcome by local organisers; introduction of agenda of WG meeting by COST chairs.
NORTH session - Numbers ORganised in THemes (chair: P. Fonti)
Progress and potential of our STReESS catalogue presented and illustrated with examples/case studies.
10.30 -11.00 Coffee break
SOUTH sessionSearch for OUtstanding topics wiTHin STReESS (chair: A. Bräuning) Representatives from different research disciplines and countries will present topics/ideas they are specifically interested in. Topics should be (1) related to contents of our Action STReESS (2) require input from different disciplines and/or (3) make profit of the STReESS catalogue.
12.30 -13.30 Lunch
13.30- 14.30
WEST session - Working beyond ESTablished data (chair: S. Jansen)
Based on an actual and successful example, namely the publication by Choat et al, Nature 2012, the process of working with meta-data will be demonstrated.
14.30 -15.00 Coffee break
EAST sessionEArly-STage researcher meeting – part 1/all COST participants (chair: J. Gricar & B. Eilmann)
The instrument ‘STSM’ is highlighted by our STSM manager and recently finished STSMs are presented.
EAST session – part 2/ESRs & SC only (chair: J. Gricar & B. Eilmann)
Ideas & expectations of ESRs of getting supported and inspired by our COST Action, i.e. reflection on STSMs, interesting topics for Training schools, active involvement of ESR in work of COST products (COST-related STSMs), establishment of a ESR representative in Action (advices SC on STSMs, invitation of ESRs).

 Tuesday April 16 – COST integration day

WG interaction & WG meetings
The 3 WGS are working on different products for our Action, i.e. catalogue, models, review articles. All these outputs require input from different disciplines. In a plenary meeting topics related to planned outputs will be defined and later discussed in interdisciplinary TOPIC groups of participants. After plenary reporting on the outcomes, WGs will meet to further work on COST outputs, compile achievements from this meeting and plan activities until the next meeting. The meeting will be closed in a final plenary session.
integration day
16.00-16.30 coffee break
17.00 -18.30
MC meeting (chair: U. Sass-Klaassen & B. Eilmann)
The WSE Symposium includes the following sessions with oral presentations, poster sessions, and group discussions.
  • Wood structure and function under changing environments; keynotes: Paolo Cherubini, Andrea Nardini
  • Ecological and evolutionary wood anatomy; keynote: Pieter Baas
  • Xylogenesis: genetics, ultrastructure and phenology; keynote: Annie Deslauriers
  • Tree-rings: climate variability and human impact; keynote: Jan Esper
  • Environmental changes and wood ecophysiology; keynote: Mary Gagen
  • Hydraulic constraints and plant performance under extreme climate events; keynote: Barbara Lachenbruch
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