Workshop wood sectioning flyer

San Vito di Cadore, Italy: 19-23 january 2015

Organizers: Giai Petit, in collaboration with Jožica Gričar

The combined workshop of TG1 and TG6 on “Wooden sample sectioning for microscope observations and image analyses”, from the 19th to the 23rd of January at the Center of Mountain Reseach of the University of Padova (San Vito di Cadore, Italy), brought together researchers (mostly early-stage) from 6 European countries (3 Italian, 2 Slovenian, 1 Swiss, 2 Belgian, 1 Ceck, 1 Dutch). After a cross-European sampling campaign of branch samples of 4 tree species taken place in late September, the aim of the workshop was to prepare all the thin wooden sections for microscopic observation and subsequent image analyses. All participants contributed to cut sections with a rotary microtome from paraffin embedded samples. Stained samples were then observed under a light microscope provided with a digital camera, and images were then analyzed with Roxas.

The successful outcome of the workshop was:
o    the preparation of thin sections fixed on permanent slides of all the branch samples (>250);
o    the acquisition of all the digital images required for anatomical analyses of xylem and phloem;
o    the preliminary image analyses of nearly 200 samples.

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