paticipants sanvito

Photo: the 8 participants of the TG 6 Workshop in San Vito: (from left to right) Veerle De Schepper (BE), Elisabeth Robert (BE), Jozica Gricar (SI), Lenka Plavkova (DE), Alan Crivellaro (IT), Sabine Rosner (AU), Georg von Arx (CH) & Tuula Jyske (FI)


San Vito, Italy: 07-08 July 2014

Organizers: Jozica Gricar and Elisabeth Robert, Local organizer: Alain Crivellaro

Aim: From literature review to manuscript outline. We plan to discuss and finalize the commonly prepared manuscript outline and start the writing of the review article in order to be able to come up with a finalized manuscript in October 2014. It is critical to discuss the outline since we have prepared it so far through online participation of all participants and want to evaluate it to higher its quality and flow and set it final so that the writing process can start.

Participants: The meeting brought together eight researchers (of which 7 are ESR) that are currently working on phloem and parenchyma tissue topics in order to have a focused discussion.