MEDiterranean STRESS: The impact of environmental stress on Mediterranean trees

Birmensdorf, Zurich, Switzerland: May 19-21 2014

Organizers: Paolo Cherubini and Patrick Fonti (WSL, Birmensdorf, Switzerland)

Participants: 19, mainly from Mediterranean & N African countries

Aims and outcome of the meeting
Meeting together among scientists interested in understanding the impact of global change on trees and forest ecosystems in the Mediterranean region,
exchanging scientific information on the state of the art and the needs of research in different related ecological fields.
Each attendee presented the state of the art of his research in her/his field and on her/his thoughts about needs of research in the future. A selection of topics was discussed in smaller expert groups. In a final discussion the scientific output was summarised, and take-home messages were formulated and a plan of future work was determined.

medstress meeting

Workshop participants and guests