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Photo: the 9 participants (all early stage researchers, ESRs) of the TG 6 Workshop in Brussels
Standing (from left to right): Tuula Jyske (FI), Nele Schmitz (AT), Veerle De Schepper (BE), Lenka Plavkova (DE), Alan Crivellaro (IT), Elisabeth Robert (BE)
Sitting (from left to right): Jozica Gricar (SI), Georg von Arx (CH), Paul Copini (NL)


Brussels, Belgium: 26-27 January 2014

Organizers: Elisabeth Robert and Jozica Gricar

The workshop fitted into the activities of Topic Group 6 that wants to contribute to the knowledge gap in the role of phloem and parenchyma tissues (phloem, axial parenchyma, ray parenchyma and pith parenchyma) for trees to survive in their environment.

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the anatomical and physiological adaptation of the phloem and parenchyma tissues of trees under short and long term drought stress conditions in order to
(i)    bring together the individual research that we are currently doing and define the gaps herein and the possible joint initiatives for the near future, other than the ones already ongoing;
(ii)    review the current state of the art and set up the outline of a review/opinion article on the phloem and parenchyma tissue topic.

The output of the meeting was the set up of a review paper on the topic (outline, task division and time line) besides several ideas for future topic group activities and some smaller joint initiatives between individual participants.

Participants: The meeting brought together nine early stage researchers that are currently working on phloem and parenchyma tissue topics in order to have a focused discussion. The other topic group members will be informed about the activities of the workshop during the next topic group meeting in Finland.