workshop globoxylo

Pinus sylvestris (©

Kransjka Gora, Slovenia: 3 November 2015

Organizer: Cyrille Rathgeber

This TG2 writers meeting aims at gathering experts with observational data of intra-annual dynamics of wood formation sampled with “micro-cores” techniques across conifer species and environmental settings in order to focus on writing a paper on Ecological trends in xylem production of coniferous trees and to push it forward in order to have it published before the end of the COST Action.
Other objectives of the meeting will be to discuss about the future, validation and valorisation of GloboXylo initiative and database.

Participants:  Cyrille Rathgeber, (Patrick Fonti), Edurne Martinez, Felipe Campelo, Henri Cuny, Martin de Luis, Harri Mäkinen, Peter Prislan and Vaclav Treml