Hyytiälä, Finnland: 4 to 5 March 2014
Organizers: Cyrille Rathgeber, Patrick Fonti, Sergio Rossi, Annikki Mäkelä
The workshop aims at gathering experts with observational data of intra-annual dynamics of wood formation sampled with “micro-cores” techniques across conifer species and environmental settings in order to explore, at a global scale, the relationships between intra-annual dynamics of wood formation and tree-ring characteristics.
The main research questions are:
1)    To quantify the variability in the rates and timings of xylogenesis across the northern hemisphere?
2)    To understand how xylogenesis dynamics shapes tree-ring structure?
3)    To understand what ecological factors influence xylogenesis dynamics?

Participants:max 20 persons. Participants need to bring and share their data on xylogenesis