workshop TG10
Hyytiälä, Finland: 5 March 2014
Organisers: Philppe Rozenberg & Sven de Vries
The objective of the TG10 “Forest genetics speeding up adaptation: the case of resistance to drought” workshop in Finland is to present and discuss the first results of the seven TG10 activities which have been defined during the Sarajevo meeting:
  1. review studies of relationships between annual ring density variables and xylem hydraulic properties involved in resistance to drought
  2. review studies of relationship between annual-ring density variables and survival after a drought episode
  3. inventory of forest declines: natural stands and trials mixing healthy and dying (or dead) trees after a drought event, plus biotic factors (with TG7)
  4. review studies of relationship between bioclimatic characteristics of response to drought and annual ring density variables
  5. review molecular studies of adaptation to drought
  6. review studies of genetic variation and heritability of traits involved in resistance to drought, review of published studies
  7. study of adaptation to drought: reliability of transfer from laboratory studies in controlled conditions to field studies in natural conditions
During the workshop the participants will review the activities and their results and will prepare a short summary to be presented during the WG meeting on 6-7 March 2014 in Hyytiälä, Finland.
Participants: 10 persons (coordinators of the seven activities, plus several active participants representing the diversity of skills and interests in the TG10 group).