workshop dendroglobal

The COST-action workshop DendroGlobal:  quantifying drought tolerance by using dendrometers was held in Ghent, Belgium, from 18 to 20 September 2013 and brought together the following COST-members: Tommaso Anfodillo, Dirk de Pauw, Patrick Fonti, David Frank, Stefan Mayr, Kathy Steppe, Rafael Poyatos, Maurits Vandegehuchte and Roman Zweifel (only on September 19th). During three days, DendroGlobal aimed at: (1) verifying whether the scientific concept of using dendrometer data to quantify drought tolerance is valid; (2) preparing the strategy and the procedure for data collection of already existing dendrometer data over the globe; and (3) defining the rules for data contributors and co-authors.

To stimulate the discussion the COST action participants prepared presentations and/or preliminary data analyses from their own dendrometer data sets. A first preliminary database included seven sites and ~10 tree species for data exploration purposes. The discussion included:

  1. a review about the information contained in stem diameter variation data
  2. a list of physiological and ecological valuable metrics and their definition
  3. a discussion on the use of terminology (e.g., the terms “growth”, “tolerance”, “stress”)
  4. the link between stem diameter variation and the environment
  5. the evaluation of variability between trees, species, sites and environments
  6. the question of quantifying drought tolerance and its comparison between trees, species, sites and environments
  7. the preparation of an action plan
  8. an evaluation of capacities required to create, maintain and use the database
  9. an evaluation of possible conflicts with other dendrometer networks
  10. a description of requirements for the data entering the database
  11. an evaluation of participation rules considering fair conditions for data contributors and COST-action participants
  12. the preparation of a short text describing the role and rewards of data-contributors.

The output of the DendroGlobal workshop served as direct input to the presentation of the short- to long-term concepts and the working activities of the DendroGlobal topic group (TG 8) of the COST Action STReESS, discussed at the meeting in Sarajevo (October 2013).