Brussels, COST-office,  23. April 2012

1. Welcome                                                                                                                                       
2. Adoption of the agenda
 3. Status of the Action
 4. Presentation of the delegations
 5. General information on COST mechanism (About COST, Grant System, Action Management)
 6. Agreement on the internal rules of procedure for the MC of the COST Action
 7. Election of Chair (and Vice-Chair) of the Action
 8. Appointment of: Grant Holder, 2 Financial Rapporteurs
 9. Working plan for the implementation of the COST Action (Memorandum of Understanding)
 9.1. Objectives & working plan of the Action FP1106 – STReESS (pptx presentation)
 9.2. Organisation of STReESS
 9.2.1 Discussion of the 3 Working Groups, their interaction, their tasks and deliverables
 9.2.2. Appointment of the 3 WG leaders and deputy leaders
 9.3. Definition of tasks and responsibilities of Steering Committee (chair & co- chair & WG leader(s))
 9.4. Time table (Timing of meetings, milestones, deliverables etc.)
 9.5. Webpage and database organisation
 10. Budget plan for the first period
 11. Place and date of next meeting
 11.1. Invitation to Wageningen, NL
 11.2. Long term planning of meetings
 12. Any other business
 12.1 Non-COST countries requests and desires by COST participants
 12.2 interaction with other COST Actions/ EU projects
 13 Closing