University of Wageningen, 12 June 2012

Paolo Cherubini, Kathy Steppe, Patrick Fonti, Achim Bräuning, Britta Eilmann, Ute Sass-Klaassen

 1. State of the art with COST action
      • eCost course and Grant-holder issues
      • COST participants (MC, substitutes, WG members)
      • Actions by MC members (-Letter to inform colleagues)
      • Webpage/database
 2. Working Groups contents and deliverables
      • Presentation of ideas by WG leader
      • Discussion of the interaction between the working groups
      • Communication WG contents to participants/determ. of WG members
 3. Planning of Wageningen conference
      • List of additional participants
      • organisation of the plenary sessions
      • invited speaker?
      • organisation of WG meetings
      • Poster+handouts?
      • output of WG’s after 1st meeting